21 to 29 March 2025


We have limited opportunities for energetic and enthusiastic people to join the event crew in support of our permanent/paid event staff, in several volunteer roles. In return for your time, all volunteers get a chance to follow the event first-hand, have lots of fun, get to ride some of the course, and you’ll meet a whole load of like-minded new friends in the process.  

We’ll provide provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you need it, plenty of beers, and transportation for you throughout the event – all you need to bring is lots of energy, a well-maintained bike & backcountry-suitable clothing (if your role demands it), a healthy team spirit and an appetite for adventure!

All volunteers should be prepared for early starts (07h00), and you will often finish late. An intense, yet fun & rewarding rewarding week that you won’t forget in a hurry!  You’ll need to be with us full-time from Friday 21st March 2025 (afternoon) for crew briefing, training, and kit allocation.

For those traveling from overseas or out of the region, we can provide crew accommodation too.

But let’s address the elephant in the room. If you are looking for a free entry to the event, a few heli-drops and shuttles in with the deal and nothing but good times and high fives with little responsibility – you should probably just sign up for the race instead.

We’ll definitely make it well worth your while, but you’ll be here to perform an important role, not just do whatever you fancy all week. Expect long days, and at times, We’ll try our best to get you onto a heli, but there’s no guarantee since this depends on the exact role we’ll need you to do. (There’ll be plenty of high fives and good times by the way, I was being miserable just then, just to put off the free-loaders)

If you’re serious about coming and are able to commit to the whole week, we’d love to hear from you – don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

If you are local and available for only one day or less, but willing to help – please also sign up but indicate this on the form.  We may be grateful for your help with a bit of course marking or perhaps a  feed station. (This still earns you a ticket to our legendary Deville’s afterparty!)

Please complete our online form (via the button below) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (that might not be right away).  Feel free to drop us a line to our Crew Manager, Gabi: info@nzmtbrally.com, if you haven’t heard back, to ask for an update



You may take a position at a start and finish gate, but also you will help with signage / course marking, such as: Pre-ride special stage ahead of race and sweep the course behind the field of riders. Take down all course marking immediately after the racers have passed. Help with organisation and implementation of contingency plans in the case of accident / emergency / adverse weather / unplanned lift failure / competitor lost out on course. You will usually get the chance to ride about 50% of the course each day, in completing this role, as well as a ringside seat for at least one special stage per day, albeit in a responsible role.

Any of the following experience is especially relevant:  MTB or Outdoor Guide, backcountry / mountain expeditions, adventure racing, PHEC or other Outdoor First Aid Training.

Hopefully it goes without saying that your bike skills and fitness need to be on-point. That means riding Grade 6 trails well within your comfort zone. If you have an e-bike, then this will be especially useful for this role.


Driving a minibus or 4×4, pulling a large bike trailer (prior trailer towing experience required).   You’ll need to be a confident driver on unsealed roads.  If you have a P-lisence, please do get in touch (paid roles potentially available).


If you’re a medic, hopefully we don’t need to explain what this involves.  But you’ll need the same skills as an on-bike Marshall, plus be qualified (or be in training) as a Paramedic or Emergency Doctor.    We also accept medic applications if you are PHEC qualified and have proven experience as a medic for similar multi-day events.


This is a tricky one.  We’ve got limited media opportunities, and you’ll be working with some of NZ’s (and international) established and renowned talent.  So the bar is set high.  Please send us details / your portfolio and we’ll see what we can work out.

We also have a role for a social media & press manager pre, during, and post event. This role will be paid (especially the pre and post event phases) and performed remotely.  However, we need someone with professional experience in a similar role within the MTB industry – ideally with the right contacts, network and media relationships already in place both inside NZ and more importantly, overseas.  

Please contact Ali@trailAddiction.com with your resumé, for media roles.


You’ll be out the mountain all day and enjoy the buzz of an active, ringside seat throughout.
You will start early and it can be very cold (maybe even below freezing, at altitude) before the sun rises, so bring warm clothes, and also lots of sunscreen and a cap to shade your face.
Please also bring a LARGE rucksack (min 30 Litres, with a bladder) to carry supplies such as your timing beacon or course marking, a packed lunch & warm jacket….plus water  (one bottle is definitely not enough).

If you’re staying in crew accommodation, you’ll need a sleeping bag.  Bring a battery bank to keep your phone topped up (absolutely essential at all times!) and we recommend ear plugs just in case you’re lumped in with a snorer!

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